Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Wicked Al

Well a big warm welcome to you all,

As you can see, this blog has had a major reno!  As Wicked Al is taking off, I thought it was best to attached the I have heaps of information to share with you all.

Now, some maybe be more 'adult' related than others, but I will warn you in the post.  I will try and not place 'adult' pictures on here, we have our Wicked Website for all of that.  This will be mainly about the fun we have at out parties, some helpful hints for you and your partner and even sensual help. 

I have a qualified massage therapist who can help also.  She is also a qualified in the following :-
Chakra , Crystal Therapy, Reiki Seichem Master, Numerology, Kundalini Practioner, Muscular Skeletal Therapist and Aromatherapist
She also runs our Pamper Days....her name is Lisa.  Please make her feel welcome!

I have a few others who will be willing to share their expertise with us also.  It is all to help us be more aware of our bodies and well being....which will in turn help us in the

Well, thats enough for me for the moment.  I willbe back, so please thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing loads of information with you.

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