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Sensual Overall Being Range

It is well known that essential oils in that provoke feelings of pleasure, sensuality and erotic moods and help to open the body and release inhibitions so why not use them in helping to create a “Memory” within your brain memory?!

What is available:

 Bath Salts

 Body Lotions, Custards

 Bath, Shower Gel

 Blends to burn , Massage Blends

 Linen Spray

 Perfume

 Incense Sticks

The Perfumes come in a handy roll on bottle capped with either a Gold or Silver Cap.

The other products come in Cobalt Blue bottles or Jars. All capped with either a Gold or Silver Cap.

Overall Being Boutique & Day Spa Party

Girls Afternoon, Bridal or Baby Shower, Fundraiser or a Mother Daughter day. One sure way of experiencing bliss and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.
What do you get by holding a Overall Being Party?
Quick snaptshot:

* Hostess receives FREE a 1/2 Hr Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage, Foot Spa & a Manicure / Pedicure. If a party is booked at your event you will also receive a free thank you gift pack. A gift for hosting the event and allowing me into your home.

* Invited guests are booked in for a $30 1/2 Hr Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage.
Optional Extras available :
* They also have available to receive a Manicure / Pedicure too.

* A display of Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare and Essential oil products to purchase from.

* Lingerie can be brought along to add to your experience (Run by Intimo).
More Information:
$30 includes half hour relaxation massage for each person. I finish the massage off using Reiki / Seichem healing energy (a quick 5 minute uplift). Pedicures and Manicures optional at $15 ....The hostess receives hers for free. If the hostess gets a another party booking once the party goes ahead she receives a gift in the mail. But for having her party she receives a free gift anyway just for having me there in her social time. I can set up a display of items for sale...such as aromatherapy, LR, gifts, etc....5% of profits from any products brought on the day goes to the hostesses chosen charity.

Loads of other surprises along the way......A sure fun way to spend some quality time with just "The Girls"!.
Available during various times. Be quick to secure your spot.
Once you book a date we will send out all information and invites to you.

Why So Cheap:
I see having a massage party amongst friends as a memorable moment. Massage is something that not everyone can afford or fit into their busy schedule. So allowing my skills, knowledge and flexibility I can bring this to others within Melbourne.

For more information, please check out Overall Being and Lisa's fantatsic blog for more updates!