Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Erotic clothing

Hidi Ho everyone,

Have you ever noticed that after a few years, a few kids and some money troubles, your sex life isn't quite what it used to be? Once upon a time you were making out all over the home, constantly finding new places and new things to "christen" These days, you are more likely to be seen climbing into age old night clothes and snoring before your head even hits the pillow rather than enjoying the joys of an adult sex toy and erotic clothing with your partner! It's time to make a change and the easiest place to start is with erotic clothing.
Erotic clothing means different things for different people. For some it can be a nice white lingerie set with a gorgeous lacy bra, g-string, stockings and suspenders where for others it might be latex corsets and sky high platform boots. Before you make a start with erotic clothing, work out what it means for you.
One of the best places to start when spicing up your sex life if you are new to the world of erotic clothing and adult sex toy stores, is by something simple such as the edible panties idea. This is both cute and sexy and is guaranteed to have you both giggling like school kids if nothing else. The trick is not to take it all too seriously and have fun, after all your sex life is meant to be enjoyable! The edible underwear idea works for both male and females; the male can wear a cute edible posing pouch and the lady can wear an edible g-string and bra combination. Sex is good, sweets are good, combine the two and you have practically found heaven!

Of course, if edible underwear is not really your thing, why not take a look at what we have here at Wicked Party Plan. You will find a vast array of erotic clothing that is bound to tantalize and it can help to give you some ideas where you have no clue where to start. Who cares if that red chemise is not really your thing? You are not going to wear it grocery shopping, it's designed to make your man horny as hell so give it a go - you have nothing to lose! You will find so many things that you can use as erotic clothing - nurses outfits, nuns outfits, sexy secretary outfits as well as lacy lingerie, lingerie, barely there lingerie and even crotch-less and nipple-less numbers if you are feeling really frisky!

The only thing that limits you with regards to erotic clothing is your own imagination and the best thing to do is to sit down and talk with your partner. You never know, his idea of sexy might be you dressing up in his favorite soccer strip complete with knee-high socks and pigtails! Get a feel for what he likes and compromise with what you like, you can always wear a pretty bra and pants set underneath if soccer shorts are not your thing!